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All home-owners in San Marina, Marina da Gama, are automatically members of the San Marina Recreational Club, 8 Cormorant Street, San Marina. The reason being, that the area was originally zoned for a school and it was a condition by council that if the developers built dwellings, they would have to keep a certain portion of the area free for communal use and enjoyment.

  • Easter Hunt

    Easter egg hunt

  • Easter Hunt

    Easter egg hunt

  • Easter Hunt

    Easter egg hunt

  • Relaxing by the pool

    Relaxing by the pool

  • Enjoying the braai area

    Enjoying the braai area

  • Enjoying indoor fun

    Enjoying indoor fun

Privacy Policy

This page outlines San Marina Recreation Club policy concerning your privacy.

1. What sort of information is collected from me on this site?

If you send me feedback using the website's contact form, you will be asked for your email address so that I can reply to you. If you use our online form, the information collected is used specifically for your website details, domain registration and hosting.

2. What is done with my email address?

It will be used to reply to your messages, send requests or information. That's it.

3. Do you sell my email address to any third party?

No. I adhere to a strict privacy and no spam policy.

4. Do you store cookies in my web browser?

San Marina Recreation Club itself does not use cookies on any of its pages. However, some of the site's sponsors may use cookies in the course of serving advertisements.
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